Saturday, June 13, 2009

Hub - How To Get Followers On Twitter

It is really amazing how Twitter has taken off, and how you are starting to hear about celebrities using it. I think it probably started when Obama used it in his presidential campaign. It may also have something to do with today's short attention span so that 140 characters might probably be the longest you can hold a typical person's attention!

Anyway, I wrote a short guide on how to get followers on Twitter. Followers are people who have voluntarily subscribed to your tweets so that they get to see what you say in your timeline.

Read the hub....How To Get Followers On Twitter

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Wordpress - Paragraph Spacing

WordPress and blogger are 2 of the more common blogging platforms available. It is generally agreed that wordpress has more functions but blogger is easier for the new blogger. I have used both platforms and I would agree.

But wordpress has a very irritating habit of stripping out your [p] and [br] tags from your html and the result is that there won't be as much space between your paragraphs as you might want. For some themes, there seems to be practically no space between paragraphs at all.

I have managed to find a simple workaround. Just insert [code][/code] into the html where you want an extra line spacing.

Remember to replace the square brackets with angle brackets, and to place each tag on a separate line. The html will look like the following:

Remember to switch the editor to html display.