Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Article - Why You Should Not Start An Online Business

The Internet is full of offers to start home based businesses. If you were to buy into the hype, you would get the impression that a home business is something that is easy to start, doesn't need any skills or a lot of time and makes a lot of money.

You definitely do hear of success stories. But those are few and far between. The reality for most people will be very different. For most people, they will fail miserably to achieve the advertised results.

While a home based business is a dream come true in some respects, in that you can work on your own time, set your own targets and basically, run a business, it is not without its pitfalls. And you can't just pick up somebody off the streets and expect them to have the skillsets and temperament to cope with its demands.

Although the ads tell you that anybody can start a home based business and make it into a flourishing business, the reality is very different. Not all can make an online business a success and I have listed some traits and reasons which you should NOT have to start a home based business.

If You Are Looking At A Home Business To Replace Your Present Job

You hate your job, your boss and your working colleagues. In fact, there is not one thing about your job that you like, except the pay. You are looking to start a home based business to replace the pay that your job provides, so that you can quit your job.

If You Are Not Up To Learning New Things

You think that you already know all that you need to know about how to start and run an online business. You believe that your school days are over and that you have no need to learn anything new.

If You Don't Have The Drive To Push The Boundaries

You search the Internet for step by step instructions to starting a home based business. You have no intention of changing the formula but simply want to follow all the instructions carefully. You do not expect any problems to crop up and are not prepared for any problems.

If You Need Money Fast

You are starting a home based business expecting that it will yield a good return within a short period of time. Your savings can only last you one more month and the car payments are already late by one month.

If You Are Lazy

You are always browsing the advertisements on the Internet about opportunities that make you a lot of money but requires very little work and skill, hoping to find the one opportunity that delivers on their promise. You have absolutely no intention of working hard to build your business and are actually looking for a way to get rich quick.


Even if you have been mentioned in just one of the categories above, do take it seriously. A home based business might not be rocket science, but it certainly isn't as easy as it is usually made out to be and you definitely do not want to start one if you are handicapped in any way.