Thursday, July 16, 2009

Article - Changing Your Perspective Can Make You A Lot Of Money

If I were to ask you whether you want to make a lot of money, what would your answer be? We are strangers but I am quite sure I know what your answer will be. You will say yes, right?

So, how are you doing so far?

You have probably asked for a raise, and maybe taken on a second job, and possibly even looking to do some freelancing in your free time - not that you have any. :)

I'm sure that you are starting to come up against a ceiling you might not have realized existed - that there are only 24 hours in a single day.

I'm guessing that you are real busy, but the money is good. You go on holiday at least once a year, dine at nice restaurants, and splurge a little when you are in the mood.

But in exchange, you give your time, your passion, and basically your life. You are always short of time, you keep missing your kid's baseball game, and you are stressed out most of the time - all for the pursuit of more money.

But among your circle of friends, there are some who "buck the trend". In some ways they are like you in that they are well-educated, intelligent and well-to-do.

But, unlike you, they seem to have a very good balance between their work and leisure time. In fact, they spend a good proportion of their work life indulging in leisure activities.

In other words, your friends seem to be able to make the same amount of money as you but they do it with much lesser time commitment, effort and stress than you.

Do you know why that is so?

There might be a myriad of different reasons why such a difference exists but I think it boils down to one statement:

"You get paid for the amount of work that you do."

You believe in it, they don't.

You look at making money as a barter trade, your time for your boss's money.

What do you think your friends will do when they are looking to make more money?

I am quite sure that working harder would not be the way that they are going to do it. Most likely they will be looking to see how they can make the money while still spending the same amount of time and effort.

Your friends know that while they have superior talent and are willing to work hard, it will only take them that far. To go the next step, that is, to make a lot of money, they need to leverage or "expand" their time, resources and talent.

So, start leveraging your time and talent instead of simply exchanging them for cash.