Monday, May 4, 2009

SEO - Firefox SEO Tool

Just found this great plugin for Firefox that's very useful if you are doing any kind of SEO work. For starters, when you search on Google, it gives you the page rank of each site in the results. So basically, you go to Google and do a search for your keyword. When the result is displayed, you can tell, at a glance, the kind of competition you have for your keyword.

In addition, it also gives you a bunch of other information like:
  • The number of links pointing to the domain and to the page.
  • Its Alexa page rank.
  • The number of pages from the site that are cached in Google.
  • The number of times the page has been bookmarked on Delicious.
  • And much more.
In addition, when you visit a website, you can right click on the page and pull up all the preceding info about that page in a window. And if you are looking to build backlinks to your site. the plugin will highlight all links that are nofollow on a website or blog.

It's a dream come true. It makes the post I made about the Page Rank Tool seem so outdated.

And the only drawback? You gotta be running Firefox. With all the major browsers having generally the same features, that shouldn't be too big of an issue.

Checkout the plugin here.