Sunday, May 3, 2009

Blogger Categories

Perhaps this post should be titled "Blogger Categories - Not!". I have started with blogger a few months ago. Since then I have also tried Wordpress. Overall, I am quite happy with blogger, finding their interface much more user-friendly than Wordpress. I can't comment more than that as I have only used them at a very basic level and is only now looking into a little bit more detail.

I started on the web some years ago, and I remember my first website. It was called NewbieLand.com. I registered it with Network Solutions but it never went online. Never having a good eye for color and design, I got so bogged down by the site design that I eventually lost interest. I wish I have saved the design. It could probably go down in history as the world's ugliest website. :)

Anyway, things are different now with website templates and website builders being freely available. In fact, I am actually going to use blogs as a website. They have ready made templates, easy to use back end interface, and a content management system. Of course, there are issues regarding images, and programming, but as I don't do too much of those on my sites, that is something I can live with. And I'm sure I can figure out a workwround should the need arise.

Anyway, I can have the website, which can be accessed through the static posts. This can be done through categories, or through pages, in Wordpress. In addition, I can also have a blog on the same site, which can serve as a blog, or serve as an update of the main site's content, or a myraid of other uses.

Using blogs software to develop websites is such an improvement over the usual way. It saves a lot of time, and the blog software provides so much more functionality. Recently, I designed a site in days, and the only website design I had to do was to select the template and modify the template's setting's. I did not even have to write a line of html code!

Having said that, I would like to complain about the lack of categories in blogger. While I am working around it - see the "Categories" on the right - as this blog is meant to serve as a blog and a website, it would really make my day to have categories built into blogger. :)