Saturday, July 25, 2009

Article - The Best Advice For Starting Successful Internet Businesses

I'm sure you have seen the online ads about automated marketing systems. You know, the kind of systems in which you just register with them and they will automatically make money for you? Just sign on with a couple of them and you will be laughing all the way to the bank.

In case you are interested in doing what I just said, don't! I just put that in for fun and to illustrate that advice is cheap, and that anybody can give advice.

So seriously, what is the advice I'm talking about? What is this one piece of advice, above all others, that will equip you for a great start in starting and running a successful online home based business?

Get A Good Teacher

You can't go wrong there. No point reinventing the wheel, right? Just find somebody who's been there and done that and you're good. My advice would be to take your time and find somebody who is friendly and patient enough to answer your stupid questions without rolling her eyes. :)

Never Have Less Than Great Content

Nobody can argue with that. Web surfers might not be the most intelligent bunch of people you can find, but I'm going to bet my bottom dollar that they can smell crap a mile away. They have the luxury of millions of other sites, so really, anything other than great content is just not going to do.

The Money Is In The List

A mailing list of responsive and targeted prospects is a great asset to any home based business. Every time you create or find a new product, just send out an email and you have people queuing up to buy your product.


So, after all is said and done, talk is cheap. The advice that you get out on the Internet is probably worth even less. It is like reading a book on kung fu and expecting to be a master after you finish reading the book.

There is a world of difference between knowing that the best way to lose weight is to exercise and eat right, and actually carrying it out successfully. The advice you get about making money on the web is no different. Knowing it, and doing it successfully are two completely different things.

As an example, take article marketing. You have to write at least a few articles a day (the advice usually given is to write a few articles an hour!), and submit them to article directories. After a few hundred articles, or literally months of work, you will be getting traffic and making good money.

A few articles a day is not easy. And I will say that it's mind numbing work. I think it is doubtful that an average person can carry on at this pace for months, and still produce good quality articles. But I'm sure that some have done it successfully.

Other advice that you get will concentrate on building relationships with other webmasters, or doing some technical stuff, or generating as much content as possible, or...the list goes on.

Actually, nobody will be able to tell you how you can run your Internet business successfully. Even if they have done it before, there is no guarantee that you can duplicate their success by simply replicating their methods as there are a lot of other variables involved.

Your online home based business is about you, your website, your talents and your resources. By all means listen and learn from all the advice that you get out there. But when all is said and done, it is just advice. You and you alone will have to decide how to put it all together for a successful business.