Thursday, May 21, 2009

Hub - Anchored Backlinks - A Simple Guide

I wrote a simple guide to anchored backlinks on Hubpages about 1 week ago. It was in response to a request on the best ways you can get anchored backlinks to your hubs. In the guide, I categorized the different ways you can get anchored backlinks into 3 categories:
  • Links from your own sites
  • Links you can post on other sites
  • Links you can get other people to post on your sites
I go into some detail as to how the links in the various categories can be implemented. The information I presented is rather basic, so I was rather taken aback by the response. To date, there have been 23 responses.

Judging from the responses, I think it might be fair to say that while the information on SEO is there for everybody, what is lacking is a clear and simple way of explaining it so that those not in the field can easily understand it.

Could be a good market there, whether or not the subject is SEO.

Read the hub .... Anchored Backlinks - A Simple Guide