Thursday, May 14, 2009

Internet Marketing - Link Bait

Ever heard of link bait? I have heard of it many times but never quite looked up what it meant. I mean, it sounded like some sort of black hat SEO technique and I have no intention of doing anything like that.

I looked it up recently and found that it is actually a legitimate SEO technique. In short, any content that encourages other webmasters to link to you can be considered link bait - hence the term. :)

The following are the more common link baits:
  • Great Content. Write great content, or be an authority on a subject, and webmasters will link to you.
  • Humorous, Cute Or Weird Content. If your content is real good, you can get a lot of people linking to you from the social bookmarking sites.

  • Controversial Content. Never fails to attract a lot of debate, traffic and hopefully, backlinks.

  • Tool. An online tool is a good way to get a lot of backlinks. Examples would include html checker, calculators to convert from one unit to another, some kind of graphics generator, etc.
If you use your imagination, there are a lot more ways of link baiting than those listed above. In another post, I would list a lot more ideas and that post can serve as link bait. ;)


Anonymous said...

The purpose of blueprint for Internet marketing is like working on your house with the same situation. There are steps that should be followed as you go on with the list to ensure that you are going to make money instead of losing it.

wanderer said...

There is a lot of things to be said for having a plan and sticking to it - there are really so many distractions on the web.

Thanks for visiting, James - if you really did visit. ;)