Friday, September 18, 2009

Article - How To Get Ideas For Articles

The article marketing gurus tell us that getting 5 or 10 articles out there is just not going to cut it. The most prolific article writers in the article directories has written thousands of articles. When you first start to think of it, that's a lot of articles! But with a little diligence, a little creativity, and some helpful tips, it might just be manageable.

Write On Similar and Related Topics

A little imagination goes a long way. If you are selling clocks, you don't just have to talk about clocks. Talk about things that people interested in clocks would be interested in, or you can talk about the history of clocks, or what life would be like without clocks. There is really a thousand and one things that you can write articles on, just let your imagination run free.


Lists are a great way to start writing articles. The first step is to make a list of a particular aspect of your product. For examples, you can make a list of all the advantages of your product. Make the list as long as you can. When you are done, split your list into smaller article sized lists, and write an article for each of the smaller lists. Once you have gone through your whole list, make another list of another aspect of your product.

Target Different Audiences

A whole spectrum of people will read your article. From a single article, you can write more articles based on the same points, but targeted at a specific demographic. Let's say you are selling sports equipment and you are writing about why one needs to keep fit. If you are writing for young single women, you might say that a well toned body is a big plus when attracting the opposite sex. If you are writing for married women, you might say that a well toned body is great for keeping their husbands interested.

If You Think There Are Just No More Unique Articles You Can Write...

If you run out of article ideas, simply search the web for your relevant topic. Read through a couple of articles and websites and I'm sure you will get enough new ideas to keep you busy for a while. Just remember not to copy and come up with completely original material.


Writing many articles on the same topic is really not as challenging as it would appear at first glance. There are always many angles to any topic and you can write one article for each angle. You have the option of expanding on each individual point made in an article and you can explore related topics in the same way. In fact, when you think about it, you probably won't have time to write all the potential articles.