Monday, May 18, 2009

Home Based Business - "Sir, Tell Me How To Make Money On The Internet"

"Sir, tell me how to make money on the Internet"

I have received quite a few such emails from my site about home based businesses. In the beginning, I took the trouble to reply properly, trying my best to outline the extremely complicated business that is making money on the world wide web.

Every single time, I did not receive a second email. Quite obviously, the sender was looking for a one paragraph answer that is probably the equivalent of: go to a certain site, sign on, and make money.

In fact, I actually have an email asking about how the sender can join my site! I had to explain to him that my site is an informational site and that I do not run nor promote a business opportunity.

I am an electronics engineer. I was in school for 3 years and it was only after 10 years of working experience that I consider myself worth a few thousands dollars a month to an employer. That's a total of 13 years before I consider myself having acquired some measure of proficiency.

Many online business opportunities advertise results of a few thousand a month after a few short months. No experience is required to pull it off and we may be talking of working only an hour or 2 per day.

All I can say is: "Wake up, people!"