Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Article - A Simple Guide To Anchored Backlinks

If you don't have anchored backlinks pointing back to your site, even the very best content in the world will not get the search engines to take notice of you. To the search engines, a backlink is similar to a vote on the quality of your website and the more votes you have, the higher the quality of the content on your site.

I would categorize the multiple techniques you can get anchored backlinks into 3 main areas:

Anchored Backlinks From Your Own Sites

To accomplish this, you can have one main site about your product, say clocks. You can have a blog that talks about anything and everything related to clocks, a hub at HubPages that describes all the different types of clocks, a Squidoo lens that goes into detail about clock manufacturing, and .... you get the picture. You can then have anchored backlinks from all those sites linking to your main website about clocks.

Submit To Various Directories

You can look for places which allow you to post your own backlink. Usual places would include forums, blogs, article directories and web directories. Do be respectful of a particular site's rules on how and in what manner a link can be posted, and don't contribute to the spam that is so prevalent these days.

Getting Other Webmasters To Post Your Backlink

This is the most time consuming way to get backlinks. But the general consensus is that these types of backlinks are worth their weight in gold. So, in any campaign to build backlinks to your website, make sure third party backlinks are a priority.

I have made a list of the more standard ways of getting anchored backlinks from webmasters and third party websites below. These are by no means the only ways and you are encouraged to come up with better and more innovative ways and ways that are more suitable for your talents and resources.

  • Exchange Links. Webmasters have been exchanging links since the early days of the Internet. Links are exchanged between the link directories or the home pages of the sites doing the exchange.
  • Link Bait. For this technique, you come up with content, or link bait, that is so humorous, or so good, or so controversial that the webmaster just have to link to it. If you do it right, you might just be able to get hundreds of free links from just one piece of content.
  • Give Away Free Stuff. First, make sure you get the rights to the product so that you can legally include some links in the product to your website or blog. And then, you give away the product to anybody and everybody that wants it. If you can't get the rights to the product, you can always request for a backlink in return for a free download of the product.


The Internet is changing, and if anything, the pace of change has actually increased. Along with this change, there has been an influx of websites and blog by webmasters hoping to make a living from the net. Anchored backlinks is key to standing out from among all this competition. With the present day social networking site like Twitter and Facebook, getting in touch with other webmasters is actually much easier. It is just a matter of doing the work need, and you will get the backlinks needed to rank well in the search engines.