Saturday, August 29, 2009

Hub - The Faith Of A Muslim Woman

Sometimes, the simplest words and the simplest actions, things that we do and say without even thinking, betray who we really are. It is then that we are at our worst, or our best.

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Friday, August 28, 2009

Article - How To Write Good Articles

You are here because you want to know how to write a good online article. Unfortunately, I can't teach you how to write well, not in one article. And anyway, I'm not a good enough writer to be qualified to teach. But I do know a thing or two about writing for the online community, and this article is about how to gear your writing for the online world.

Know Your Subject

The key to writing good articles is knowing your subject matter. Granted that you can't be an expert in everything, and that most writers are asked to write on a wide range of subjects, that little extra time taken to do a bit more research or homework before starting to write will pay off handsomely.

Use Subheadings And Bullet Points

It is an excellent idea to break up your article into a few sections. Start each section with a subheading and if you are presenting a list of items, you would do well to put them in bullet form. When you write your article in this way, you make it easier for the reader to have an idea of what your article encompasses, so that he can decide if he wants to read further.

Write In The First Person

I would recommend to always write in the first person. The reader gets the feeling that you are personally talking to her, and will be much more open to listening to what you have to say. And as a writer, I find that it is easier and more enjoyable to write in that way.

Be Short And To The Point

The articles you write for online consumption are generally not meant to be literary pieces but are vehicles through which you impart your expertise. Nevertheless, you can incorporate your own style but do be mindful that your readers are looking are a quick and fast read to get the information they want.

Check For Errors In Grammar And Spelling

Make sure you run your article through a spell checker. And before submitting your article, spend a few minutes and give it a onceover to eliminate any grammatical errors. Remember that it doesn't have to be perfect, but you also do not want any obvious errors in your article.


If you take the time and trouble to write a good article, it can boost your popularity and reputation much more than any promotion could. And it isn't really that difficult to write a good article. So do take the time and effort to craft an article that will keep your readers well informed, and one that they will enjoy reading as well.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Article - Basic HTML For Online Articles

When submitting articles online, you would usually not need to know HTML. But there are still a few article directories that only allows text submissions, and any formatting you need to do must be done also in text.

The following HTML tags are introduced in this article: unordered html list < ul >, list item < li >, anchor < a >, italics < i >, underline < u >, bold < b > and line break < br >. Although the tags accepted by different directories are not the same, for the most part, the tags here are all you need to be able to properly format your article.

HTML tags are enclosed within angle brackets, and the HTML tags in this article are shown with a space before and after the opening and closing angle bracket. This is done so that they will not be mistaken for actual formatting tags. When you are submitting your own articles, the spaces must be removed.

It might look a little daunting but I promise that you will end up with better looking articles, and it really is easy once you get the hang of it. Okay? Let's continue...

The Open And Close Tags Of HTML

Most HTML tags comes with an opening and a closing tag, while a few tags are used by themselves.

As an example, the italics tag needs to be closed and is used as follows:

< i >This sentence is in italics.< /i >

Notice the opening tag, < i >, and the closing tag, < /i >.

However, the line break tag does not need a closing tag and is used by itself:

There will be a line break after this sentence.< br >


Nesting basically means that the tags can be used inside of each other. But do be careful not to made the common error of interlinking instead of nesting the tags.

This is correct:

< i >< b >This text in bold and italics.< /b >< /i >

This is another correct example:

< b >The word < i >italics< /i > is in < i >italics< /i >.< /b >

This is not right:

< b >< i >This text will not be bolded and be in italics.< /b >< /i >

Bold, Italic And Underline Tag

The bold, underline and italic HTML tags are < b >, < u > and < i > respectively. Their closing tags are < /b >, < /u > and < /i > respectively. And they are used to bold, underline and italicize your text.

The following will bold, italicize and underline the text enclosed:

< u >< b >< i >This line is in italics, underlined and bold.< /i >< /b >< /u >

The Line Break Tag

This HTML tag is used to start a new line. This tag is used by itself and does not need a closing tag.

The following is an example of how it can be used:

There is a line break after this line.< br >

2 or more line break tags can also be used together:

You have inserted 2 line breaks after this sentence.< br >< br >

The Anchor HTML Tag

This tag is used to provide a link to another web page or web site. It is used with another HTML element called an attribute, and the attribute that you need to be concerned with is the href attribute.

To link to your website or blog, you will use the anchor tag in the following way:

Please visit my site < a href="MySiteDotCom" >here< /a >.

Note that in the previous example, the only word that will be underlined and clickable is the word "here". In addition, MySiteDotCom must be an actual url.

Unordered HTML List And List Item Tag

These 2 tags are used together to create an unordered list. The unordered HTML list tag < ul > is used to indicate the start and end of the list while the list item tag < li > indicates each individual item on the list.

For example, if you wanted an unordered list of 3 items, you would write something like the following:

This is a list of 3 items:

< ul >< li >First Item< /li >

< li >Second Item< /li >

< li >Third Item< /li >< /ul >

Observe the nesting of the list item tags within the unordered HTML list tag.


The article directories are many and varied and they also differ in which HTML tags they will accept. Do read their submission guidelines and remember to always use the preview button before submitting your article.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Article - Get Rich Quick Schemes That Work

Get rich quick schemes are very popular on the Internet. Everywhere you turn, you come across an advertisement for a business that claims to be able to make you rich beyond your wildest dreams. But even the most gullible will admit that probably most of such businesses or opportunities will fail to deliver on their promise.

So I have put together below a short list of rather unorthodox get rich quick schemes. But they have been proven to work for many people in the past, which is more than what you can say for the get rich schemes that you find on the Internet.

Marry Into Money

This is the oldest get rich quick scheme in the book but it still works very well. Who needs love when they have money right? But the modern age has introduced a new complication - the prenuptial agreement. Unless you have every intention of remaining married, you must find a way to skillfully navigate this thorny issue.

Start A Ponzi Scheme

If you are the owner of a ponzi, you can make a lot of money. It's really not that difficult to start one. All you need is a good business plan and gullible investors loaded with money. Promise them a great monthly return on their investment and they will be throwing money at you.

The money collected goes to fund your holiday in South America, your kid's college tuition and to pay off the car loan. But do remember that the first priority must go to the people who put in the money. Pay the investors their monthly return and don't forget to tell them that more money is needed to expand the business. Giving your investors a referral fee to bring in new suckers .... err .... investors is a good idea. The more fresh money comes in, the longer your scheme will run and the more money you can make.

Try Your Luck At The Lottery

The lottery is probably the only way you can be dirt poor one day, and be rolling in dough the next. But make sure you have enough money to buy the lottery ticket.

But don't celebrate yet. Your chances of winning are rather poor. You have to be prepared to buy one ticket every week for the the next couple of thousand years to stand a decent chance of winning.

Try Your Hand At Begging

You pick a street corner and put up a sign that says something like, "I haven't eaten in 3 days." Make sure you go on a diet first. You put a hat in front of you, look hungry and you are in business. Good-hearted passersby will simply drop money into the hat. Note that dirty and tattered clothes works wonders on your takings.


The purpose of this article is a little fun and to highlight that there are no such thing as a get rich quick scheme. If a scheme actually works, more and more people will get to know of it, implement its methods, and eventually, it will lose its effectively and become a get rich slow scheme.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Article - A Simple Guide To Anchored Backlinks

If you don't have anchored backlinks pointing back to your site, even the very best content in the world will not get the search engines to take notice of you. To the search engines, a backlink is similar to a vote on the quality of your website and the more votes you have, the higher the quality of the content on your site.

I would categorize the multiple techniques you can get anchored backlinks into 3 main areas:

Anchored Backlinks From Your Own Sites

To accomplish this, you can have one main site about your product, say clocks. You can have a blog that talks about anything and everything related to clocks, a hub at HubPages that describes all the different types of clocks, a Squidoo lens that goes into detail about clock manufacturing, and .... you get the picture. You can then have anchored backlinks from all those sites linking to your main website about clocks.

Submit To Various Directories

You can look for places which allow you to post your own backlink. Usual places would include forums, blogs, article directories and web directories. Do be respectful of a particular site's rules on how and in what manner a link can be posted, and don't contribute to the spam that is so prevalent these days.

Getting Other Webmasters To Post Your Backlink

This is the most time consuming way to get backlinks. But the general consensus is that these types of backlinks are worth their weight in gold. So, in any campaign to build backlinks to your website, make sure third party backlinks are a priority.

I have made a list of the more standard ways of getting anchored backlinks from webmasters and third party websites below. These are by no means the only ways and you are encouraged to come up with better and more innovative ways and ways that are more suitable for your talents and resources.

  • Exchange Links. Webmasters have been exchanging links since the early days of the Internet. Links are exchanged between the link directories or the home pages of the sites doing the exchange.
  • Link Bait. For this technique, you come up with content, or link bait, that is so humorous, or so good, or so controversial that the webmaster just have to link to it. If you do it right, you might just be able to get hundreds of free links from just one piece of content.
  • Give Away Free Stuff. First, make sure you get the rights to the product so that you can legally include some links in the product to your website or blog. And then, you give away the product to anybody and everybody that wants it. If you can't get the rights to the product, you can always request for a backlink in return for a free download of the product.


The Internet is changing, and if anything, the pace of change has actually increased. Along with this change, there has been an influx of websites and blog by webmasters hoping to make a living from the net. Anchored backlinks is key to standing out from among all this competition. With the present day social networking site like Twitter and Facebook, getting in touch with other webmasters is actually much easier. It is just a matter of doing the work need, and you will get the backlinks needed to rank well in the search engines.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Article - Why You Should Not Start An Online Business

The Internet is full of offers to start home based businesses. If you were to buy into the hype, you would get the impression that a home business is something that is easy to start, doesn't need any skills or a lot of time and makes a lot of money.

You definitely do hear of success stories. But those are few and far between. The reality for most people will be very different. For most people, they will fail miserably to achieve the advertised results.

While a home based business is a dream come true in some respects, in that you can work on your own time, set your own targets and basically, run a business, it is not without its pitfalls. And you can't just pick up somebody off the streets and expect them to have the skillsets and temperament to cope with its demands.

Although the ads tell you that anybody can start a home based business and make it into a flourishing business, the reality is very different. Not all can make an online business a success and I have listed some traits and reasons which you should NOT have to start a home based business.

If You Are Looking At A Home Business To Replace Your Present Job

You hate your job, your boss and your working colleagues. In fact, there is not one thing about your job that you like, except the pay. You are looking to start a home based business to replace the pay that your job provides, so that you can quit your job.

If You Are Not Up To Learning New Things

You think that you already know all that you need to know about how to start and run an online business. You believe that your school days are over and that you have no need to learn anything new.

If You Don't Have The Drive To Push The Boundaries

You search the Internet for step by step instructions to starting a home based business. You have no intention of changing the formula but simply want to follow all the instructions carefully. You do not expect any problems to crop up and are not prepared for any problems.

If You Need Money Fast

You are starting a home based business expecting that it will yield a good return within a short period of time. Your savings can only last you one more month and the car payments are already late by one month.

If You Are Lazy

You are always browsing the advertisements on the Internet about opportunities that make you a lot of money but requires very little work and skill, hoping to find the one opportunity that delivers on their promise. You have absolutely no intention of working hard to build your business and are actually looking for a way to get rich quick.


Even if you have been mentioned in just one of the categories above, do take it seriously. A home based business might not be rocket science, but it certainly isn't as easy as it is usually made out to be and you definitely do not want to start one if you are handicapped in any way.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Article - Get Paid To Write Articles And Posts

Getting paid to write is a whole new industry that sprang up just a few years ago. In this industry, you have many websites and webmasters offering to pay you for your writing. Payment terms are varied and each site will have their own unique structure.

While it might seem the same, getting paid to write online is very different from what you might be used to in the offline world. The following is a short introduction of what to expect if you want to get paid to write in the online world.

Who Is Qualified To Write For Money?

You don't have to be an established writer to have somebody pay you to write online. What you do need is the ability to convey your ideas in a clear and concise fashion, and you should have good grammar and spelling as well.

What Topics Can I write About?

If you are writing for somebody, then obviously you write what they tell you to write. But if you are writing your own articles or posts, it is pretty much anything under the sun. But you will be constrained by your payment model. For example, if you are writing for AdSense revenue, then you will write about topics that have a high value per click.

Do I Get Paid Based On How Many Articles I Write?

Writers are usually paid by the article, or by the column. When you write online, other than simply being paid based on your output, there are other ways through which you can be compensated:

  • By The Article Or Post. Some sites may pay you per blog post, perhaps a dollar or two per post. Some sites may pay you per article, or allow you to list your article for sale.

  • By The Number Of Words. There are occasions in which you are asked to write an article and offered a fixed amount per word. As expected, the rate varies widely, but one or two cents per word would be typical for a start.

  • By Impressions Or CPM. You publish your article on the website. You will get paid based on the number of times the articles is viewed by the site's visitors, and by visitors from the search engines. At the moment, the rate is about $1.50 per 1000 views.

  • By AdSense And Other Ads. You publish your article to the site. On the same page as your article, the site will add Adsense and other ads. A certain percentage of the ads will be displayed with your affiliate or tracking code.


Getting paid to write on the Internet is a relatively new industry. It differs from offline writing in that the payment structure or model is varied and each site would have it own unique structure. In addition, for online writing, it would be an added bonus if you have some copywriting skills and are familiar with basic SEO techniques. While writing online might seem challenging at first, it can be quite rewarding as you generally get to write about what you like and make some money at the same time.

For a list of sites that will pay you to write, you can visit the following:
List Of Writing Sites