Monday, September 22, 2008


Can't believe it's been nearly 3 weeks since my last post. Time flies. Going to have to be careful about how I spend my time or I'm not going to make the January 09 deadline.

I have been moving around the web a lot more since I started this, and boy, the face of the web has changed! When you talk about Internet marketing in the old days, it's just submitting your site to the search engines, exchanging links, and getting listed in the directories. Now, it's more about the social networks, or Web 2.0. If anything, these networks have actually made Internet marketing simpler.

I just joined HubPages a few weeks back. It's a online publishing site on which you can write about anything you like, except for the obvious no-nos like porn, racist discrimination, etc. It has a rating system which rewards originality.

What I like about HubPages is that you can get traffic from within the network itself. This is essentially a characteristic of most if not all social networks, which is why I said that getting traffic is actually much easier now.

Here are some of the ways you can get traffic from HubPages:
  • When you publish a site (it's called a hub), your site will appear in a section listing the latest hubs published, so you will get some traffic in the first few hours.
  • Comment on other publisher's hubs. Your id will be attached to your comment, so you can attract some traffic to your profile and your hubs.
  • Become a fan of other publishers (hubbers). You can attract their attention and you get to know when they publish a new hub. If you are fast, you can be the first to leave a comment. ;) They might become your fan as well and will be informed whenever you publish a new hub.
  • HubPages has a system which rewards originality. An original article has a higher rating, and has a greater chance of being listed under the Hot Hubs and Best Hubs category.
  • HubPages also has a Best Hubbers category. Consistently publish great hubs and you can get into this category. More great traffic for you!

In the old model, Internet marketing is all about search engine optimization and getting your links onto other sites. While this has not changed in the new model, getting your links onto other sites has gotten very much easier. The focus has shifted to user generated content, and building relationships.

You can view my profile on HubPages here.