Thursday, September 4, 2008


Just signed up for Twitter a few hours ago to explore the possibilities. For those who doesn't know what it is, it is a service in which you type in what you are doing at any given time in 140 characters or less. This message will go to your friends, that is, whoever is "following" you. You can also "follow" other people, in which you get their messages. Actually, in a nutshell, that's it.

But for marketing and networking, there are definitely possibilities. You can view who I'm following, and who the people I'm following are following, and so on. Since each person will typically follow 50-100 people, you can access thousands just from the people I'm following and who they are following.

When you are viewing a person's profile (I don't know the proper term), you are also viewing the person's "tweets", or messages. That way, you know a little about each person, about who they are and what they are involved in. If they appear "relevant", by all means add them to your follow list. And if they are on your list, there is a chance that they will add you to their list as well. I mean, I just signed up and I already have 2 people following me and one of them subscribed to my mailing list. :)

I can think of more possibilities but I'm not going into that now. Take a look at what I'm doing now here: