Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Article Marketing

Been browsing the forums and discovered that article marketing, sometimes called bum marketing, is a popular way of doing Internet marketing. General idea is that you write an article, include a resource box at the end which points to your website and submit the article to popular article directories. Once your article is published, you get free traffic.

You are advised to do some SEO research and to include relevant keywords in your title and in the first paragraph of your article.

In addition, since one article can only get you that much traffic, you should write MANY articles. We are talking about, maybe, a few articles per day! I find that surprising because the quality of the articles will definitely suffer.

I browsed the article directories and read some of the articles posted. Indeed, a lot of the articles I read, although not pure garbage, contains little originality and not much useful content. Those articles are basically food for the search engines and for obtaining backlinks for the author's site.

Sad that Internet marketing had degraded to this point. :(

But enough complaining and onwards to Jan 2009.

For a start, I will adopt the following basic strategy:

- improve my sites at http://quittingyourjob.com/ and http://wacky-background.com/.
- write GOOD articles for promotion.
- write more ebooks for QuittingYourJob.com.
- browse the forums for promotion and information.
- develop quality link exchanges and partnerships.
- promote the ebooks I have written.

In the next few weeks, I will have to look into other niches and products I can sell.


Katherine said...

I am starting a bum marketing blitz to help kickstart my earnings ... I also do article marketing to promote my websites and blogs. I look forward to seeing how your goal pans out for you! I have a similar goal.

wanderer said...

Hi Katherine,

Let me know how your goal goes, and quite sure you can give me a tip or two. :)