Friday, August 8, 2008

Ready, Set, Go

The decision to start this blog was taken just a few hours ago. Recently I have set a target of earning $5000 per month (hence the name of this blog) from the net by Jan 2009. I mentioned this in a forum and another poster asked me to keep them posted on my progress.

So the idea for this blog was born.

This blog will serve to keep track of my progress. I will post what I am doing, what obstacles I faced, what I am thinking... and eventually how I fared come Jan 2009.

More details will come later but for now, I am in action!

Interesting how the decision to start this blog opens up a whole new world of possibilities. Where before I am extremely sceptical that anybody can build an income of $5000 a month in the short space of 5 and a half months, I can now see many ways of how this can be done.

Maybe it's just because I now have to perform as the world is watching. Gets you thinking of what we are really capable of, doesn't it?