Friday, March 27, 2009

SEO Discovery - Introduction

I have decided to focus my efforts more on search engine optimization, as well as link building and other strategies. It is the result of various posts and articles that I have read recently. I'm too lazy to look up the links now. I will put it up later under "SEO Discovery - Resources"

In the past, I have not focused much of my efforts on SEO. I know basic search optimization, I do it for my sites when it is convenient, and ignore it when it is not. I preferred to build using other strategies.

My thinking was that even if I could get to the top of Google, I have no control over their search algorithm. I could be at the top one day, and completely disappear from their rankings the next, with no idea of what I did wrong. I felt that search engine traffic was not something I could depend on and worked on developing other sources of traffic.

But, looking at it from the point of view of Google, if I deliver relevant, high quality content, it is in their best interest to rank me well.

In fact, after learning basic SEO techniques and applying it to your content, the following might be all you need to do:

1. Develop high-quality, relevant content.
2. Go to step 1.

In other words, just keep developing high quality content.

But, with regards to the field of SEO, there is so much information. A lot of it are vague, some misleading, some downright wrong, and the worst of it is that you really do not know which is what.

So, I have decided to be an "expert" at SEO. I will learn whatever I can about SEO, but take nothing at face value, and observe and experiment as much as I can, so as to confirm or debunk the conventional wisdom.

And I will always be asking, "If I was Google, would I do this?", keeping in mind that Google is in the business of delivering search results and key to their survival is that they must deliver the most relevant and the most high quality content that they can find.

And I will tell all here. It serves as a documentation of what I have learnt, and to focus my efforts, and might be the starting point for an ebook. If you are a beginner to SEO, or even a veteran, look through my future posts and you might just find something you don't know.

All future posts with relation to this will start with "SEO Discovery"


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