Friday, April 17, 2009

SEO Discovery - Not Ranked III (Part 4 of 4)

I checked today and the page rankings have gone down! Every page listed at the beginning of this thread has no page rank, except for 2 pages - one is ranked 0 and the other is ranked 3!

I thought that the common preception is that page rank does not change, except during Google updates, which happens only a few times a year. Apparently, this seems to be wrong.

Anyway, I don't think this is worth exploring any further. I don't place a very high value on page rank and it does seem like getting a page to rank PR2 or above seems relatively simple. I might try to do a more controlled test on this on another ocassion, but I will do it on another thread.

For the record, the following sites were the sites that were ranked:

Url: Why Do Unbelievers Always Want Proof
Description: Article published a less than an hour ago
Page Rank: Not ranked
Present Page Rank: 0

Url: Twitter Profile
Description: Profile page
Page Rank: Not ranked
Present Rank: 3

One last thing - my home business site is linking to this site through a dynamic link, which might explain the drop in PR.

And the hub above is more frequented than the other hubs. The key here might be links from other sites through RSS. The hub that has the most comments, the hub above, would appear more in RSS and might just have more sites linking to it.

Which leads to 2 questions:
- When a hub is updated, does the information go out through RSS?
- When comments are posted to a hub, does the information also go out through RSS?

I suspect the answer to the first is yes. I have seen hubs with no traffic at all, get a trickle after I make a change.


karl skadian said...

your analysis is quite interesting. but is any of this helping you make money?



wanderer said...

Hi Karl,

Excellent question.

There really is so much misinformation on the web that it is very helpful to try out some of things that has been claimed. For example, in this post, one of my PR0 pages was ranked in 27th spot out of 332,000 for a term that page was never optimzed for.

That tells me that PR might not be as important as everybody claims and that I might want to focus more of my efforts elsewhere.

To answer your question, no, I have not made any money yet. But I will be continuing with this and yes, I fully expect to make this study benefit me financially in the very near future. :)