Saturday, April 11, 2009

SEO Discovery - No Rank II (Part 3 of 3)

Well, I didn't get around to updating the title and description for my whole site. I am planning to do a complete revamp in the near future and don't think that it's worth the trouble. For a few pages, I did change it but for the rest, I actually left out the title and description so that Google is forced to look into the site for the description.

I did a Google search using the "site:" operator for my domain. Well, some pages have been updated and some have not been.

Remember the search in part 1 for "we live in an impatient society"? I did the search again. Before the change, my site was in 27th spot, after the change, it was nowhere to be found!

This is an interesting result. In the first place, the phrase as a random phrase and really did not have much business to be up there. But it was.

Then, when the title and description was changed to more fully reflect the content of the page, the page disappeared from the search results for that phrase.

To be complete, I searched for the same phrase in double quotes and found the page. I checked and found that the page rank of the page is still not ranked.

The fact that the page was ranked relatively high in the first instance probably has something to do with the PR4 of the domain. When the title and description were changed, there may have been a "decoupling", in Google's eyes.

Anyway, interesting piece of information. I have no plans to test this further but it certainly might come in handy in the future.